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Allow us to introduce ourselves, we are Minx. Minx is a family. A family of wonderfully talented individuals who share one common factor: we are RIGHT BRAIN. We are passion, ambition, confidence, unique, animated, artistic, charismatic, and loving. There are 15 stylists here at Minx - each and every one is different in many ways, but the same passion that drives our right brain nature is what fuels all of us to do what we do today.

Every one of us has something distinctly different that propelled us into this profession. Some of us have parents in the industry, where as others knew since they were very small children that this was simply what they were going to do when they grew up. There are a few of us at Minx who stumbled into this career and realized that it was the first time we were really good at something naturally. No matter what it was that got each of us here, the different roads we took, we have made a family of RIGHT BRAINERS. Whether we are a cutting specialist or colorist or full service stylist at Minx, each and every one of us holds that common key to success in the beauty industry. To us a hairstylist is equal parts  artist and compassionate listener; these two components make a strong stylist. At Minx we make it our goal to be that type of stylist. One who listens and respects every person who sits in each of our chairs. We feel that every person, no matter what walk of life, deserves to feel the most beautiful and important.

As a whole at Minx our most cherished part of what we do behind the chair is the personal satisfaction of knowing that we have touched and changed the way our clients look and feel. Knowing that you are capable of  bettering the way a person feel about themselves is an overwhelming feeling that we do not take for granted. We love what we do, every time we do it, being able to change someone’s whole day from the moment they walk through our doors till the second they leave. We as stylists as a whole and stylist of Minx Salon are gifted with the power to help people feel beautiful, confident, relaxed, and recharged. This is what powers us at Minx every day. Minx’s promise to our clients and our community is to continue to learn, teach, and do.

As a family we are so grateful to be given the opportunity to “Spread the Love.” This experience has excited and reinvigorated our whole team. The salon is buzzing with new ideas, looks, and opportunities. We can’t wait to share who we are at Minx and our experiences over the next year.

We asked each one of our team members for one word that describes what they do as individuals behind the chair, we thought we would share some of them.

Cassie Blurton “Inventive” 
Jared Joyner “Original”
Sara Wood “Meticulous”
Diane Cornett “Dedicated”
Nichole Richardson ”Bold”
Jami Hart “Imaginative”

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