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OMBRE is a French word meaning “shadow” or “shade”, and practically anyway you turn your head you’ll be able to spot at least one pretty gal sporting this style. With a darker root and gradual fade to lighter ends, anyone can pull off this coif. Some girls choose to create a more dramatic ombre with a four or more level difference from roots to ends, while others go with a more natural, sun-kissed ombre.

Stylist upon stylist are recommending this look to all clients. Celebrities and soccer moms alike are embracing these French inspired tresses. No matter if you let your hair air dry, wear loose summer waves, or top-knot it won’t go wrong with this color.

Not only is the ombre look fashion forward, it’s also pocket friendly. If you’re one that doesn’t prefer upkeep on a typical 6-8 week basis...fear not, ombre can go 8- 12 weeks with the proper at-home care and maintain itself. Keeping the base {root} color closer to your natural allows the look to avoid your standard “outgrowth”. Come in every 5-6 weeks for a flash gloss between full services to maintain shine if it suits your fancy!

You may not read fashion blogs daily…
You may not get colored every 6 weeks…
You may not even know who Rachel Bilson is…
But that doesn’t mean you don’t know pretty & don’t deserve a beautiful color.
Don’t think ombre isn’t right for you???

We believe that any woman, of any age, with any style preference can be in fashion... with a beautiful custom ombre to suit YOUR personal style!

Feel better, look better, live better!

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