Blondes Have More Fun


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Marilyn Monroe coined the phrase "blondes have more fun" in the 1953 classic Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. That same year Hugh Hefner founded Playboy Magazine and created the Playboy "bunny"... recognized mostly for their platinum blonde hair.

Over the years since then, many lightening fads have come and gone, as women have attempted to achieve the perfect blonde.

Lemon juice…
Kitchen bleach…
You name it, women have tried it.

Luckily, with todays technologies and expansive color options, most women can find a shade of blonde to suit them.

We LOVE blondes!
We love sun-kissed ends, carefree waves, and foiled heads.
We love golden glows, bare foot toes, and purple shampoo.

We love blonde because its beautiful....but do blondes really have more fun?


Do confident women who make the most out of life and every situation have more fun?
Do women who turn frowns upside down have more fun?
Do women that know how to be happy despite sad situations TRULY have more FUN?!?!

We love all the pretty, frilly, wonderful things that make us girls girly!
We love the prim and proper that we put on daily!
We love all things beautiful!

BUT....we also know that beauty comes from within!

be BOLD,
and BE YOU!

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