Swag - She wants a gentleman


posted by kabra moss | on salon |

Ok men...wanna roll with swag? Like the kind that makes ladies swoon? Well here’s a secret...{shhhh} its not what you look like, your cologne, or your haircut….

Yep! That’s pretty simple, ey?

Sure we love a man that cleans up after himself, Is able to cook more than macaroni & Cheese, And spends just as much time learning new things as lifting heave ones… But ultimately…


We want your “good morning beautiful” texts, your “here let me carry that for you” gestures, and your “you’re the only woman in the world” words.

We want to respect you and love you. Not for your fancy outfit or your awesome hair…. {Although we do love dapper style} but for your character, integrity, and gentleness.

SWAG is constantly misconstrued for aloofness or cockiness. Confidence is key but real SWAG puts your lady before yourself. Real SWAG is humble, and kind, and loving.

Real SWAG is what previous generations lived daily... so stop being a Boy and start being a man.....a {gentle}man.

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