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To keep your face looking as youthful as possible and makeup just as flawless, you must practice proper skin care.

Namely {exfoliating}

You should plan to scrub your face once or twice a week. For those with excessively dry or sensitive skin, 2x a month is great. Exfoliating is what we do to accelerate the natural process of dead skin cell shedding. You can exfoliate in a plethora of ways. In salon you can get the most gentle or aggressive types of exfoliation. At home there are a great variety, including both chemical and physical exfoliates. Knowing the different types of exfoliant is extremely important when opting for at home treatments. We suggest you see a professional when choosing the BEST at home treatment for yourself

Here are a few of our personal favorites.

  • In salon the most popular and most effective form to rejuvenate and smooth skin to perfection is {Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion} This treatment leave the skin supple and smooth without ever applying a chemical.

  • Our favorite at home products and most commonly bought at Minx are the Rhonda Allison Brightening Scrub, which is amazing for lightning and brightening skin, while being completely user friendly for most all skin types..

  • Our next go to product is the Rhonda Allison Pumice Wash; this product is thicker and more aggressive as far as at home treatments go. The natural antibacterial properties make this scrub absolutely ideal for thick problematic skin..

Keeping up with good exfoliate practices will insure the flawless natural look with most types of foundation. Even with the best application, dry, rough uneven skin can ruin the look of all your hard work and expensive products.

Tips to Remember:

  • NEVER use body exfoliants on your face.

  • Do not apply make-up immediately after exfoliating.

  • When exfoliating twice a week, do not do it two days in a row. Separate the days within the week so that your skin cells can regenerate properly.

  • Try to use exfoliating products on your neck area as well, the decollate will show signs of aging just as fast as the face.

  • Avoid exfoliating products that contain sharp grains of nutshells, as these can scrape, split and damage your skin. Read labels and search out professional help!

  • Always apply either a facial serum or moisturizer after exfoliating.

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